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Creator: Magnus Ragnarsson

Biography: DIE YOUNG... As late as possible.

Writed by: Hlynur Palmason duration: 1H 49Minute Review: Hvítur, hvítur dagur is a movie starring Ingvar Sigurdsson, Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir, and Hilmir Snær Guðnason. In a remote Icelandic town, an off duty police chief begins to suspect a local man for having had an affair with his wife Genre: Drama score: 884 vote. Fólk sem reykir gras á skilið að deyja. Weisser weisser tag download movie maker. Edit Release Dates France 16 May 2019 (Cannes International Critics' Week) Romania 4 June 2019 (Transylvania International Film Festival) Czech Republic 28 June 2019 (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival) New Zealand 23 July 2019 (New Zealand International Film Festival) Iceland 6 September 2019 Canada 9 September 2019 (Toronto International Film Festival) Slovakia 12 September 2019 (International Film Festival Cinematik) Poland 14 September 2019 (Camerimage International Film Festival) Republic of Macedonia 17 September 2019 (Manaki Brothers Film Festival) Finland 21 September 2019 (Helsinki International Film Festival) Greece 21 September 2019 (Athens Film Festival) Switzerland 28 September 2019 (Zurich Film Festival) Germany 1 October 2019 (Hamburg Film Festival) Turkey 4 October 2019 (Filmekimi) South Korea 5 October 2019 (Busan International Film Festival) UK 6 October 2019 (London Film Festival) Belgium 9 October 2019 (Gent International Film Festival) USA 12 October 2019 (Hamptons International Film Festival) 13 October 2019 (Gdansk ECS All About Freedom Festival) Hungary 31 October 2019 Netherlands 7 November 2019 (Noordelijk Film Festival) Norway 15 November 2019 Italy 28 November 2019 (Torino Film Festival) Denmark 5 December 2019 16 January 2020 16 January 2020 (theatrical) Estonia 17 January 2020 29 January 2020 13 February 2020 28 February 2020 13 March 2020 Also Known As (AKA) (original title) Hvítur, hvítur dagur Australia A White, White Day Brazil En hvid, hvid dag Un jour si blanc Weisser weisser Tag Μια Λευκή, Λευκή Μέρα A legfehérebb nap En hvit, hvit dag Biały, biały dzień Spain World-wide (English title) A White, White Day.

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"For some reason, she was always enough for me

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Fantastic sound, thank you very much. Weisser weisser tag download movie list. I live in the mnts. of Tennessee and this could be my driveway. Also, I know they're supposed to be evil, but I think they're funny. Synopsis In a remote Icelandic town, an off duty police chief begins to suspect a local man to have had an affair with his wife, who has recently died in a car accident. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth accumulates and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones. A story of grief, revenge and unconditional love. Cast Crew Details Genre Director Producers Writer Editor Cinematography Production Design Composer Studios Countries Language Alternative Titles Weißer weißer Tag, Hvítur, hvítur dagur, En hvit, hvit dag Popular reviews More My VIFF week started out strong with Hlynur Palmason’s strong follow-up to Winter Brothers. Working with cinematographer Maria Von Haussewolf again but this time on anamorphic and 2perf 35mm using Kowa lenses. (See BrandyVrink comment below)  It looks great. Palmason really knows how to build tension. He kept me enrapt for the running time. And Icelandic actor Ingvar Sigurdsson is solid in this. He won Best Actor at Transylvania Int’l Film Fest 2019 Premiered at Cannes - Critic’s Week Won Motovun Film Festival. Watched at Cineplex Odeon Int’l. Village. VIFF 2019 Cannes 2019 Film #7 I read about it in a local film magazine. It was supposed to be more of a mystery where a man tracks down his wife’s lover, but the writer/director explained it turned existential and it was more about how the ground meets the sky and everything appears white. I mean unless the main character talked about his feelings, the spirituality was never going to come through. My favorite part was the main character’s fantasy sequence of a perfect day with his granddaughter. The rest of the film was less of an exploration of his feelings. He went off on people and violence came back to him. The film was okay, but left much to be desired.  Vegan alert: -There is a fishing sequence.  -A fish has been in a plastic bag for awhile, but it hasn’t died, so the granddaughter smashes its head several times I never let myself cry in the cinema. I was crying long after I walked out of it. This is cinema as I've never seen it before. Transformed to reach new heights. A stunningly gorgeous, powerfully human masterpiece! Cathartic as hell. Best child lead I have seen in a long, long time. I welcome an Icelandic master. Beautiful. Forgive my teary thoughts. Rock: falls off cliff into sea. Me: "Pure cinema" 76/100 [originally written as part of my TIFF '19 coverage] Weeeeee got one! (A below-the-radar triumph, that is. TIFF doesn’t really feel like TIFF unless I wind up loving at least one film for which I had zero expectations. ) Pálmason’s first feature, the generally well-regarded Winter Brothers, failed to grab me in its first 10 minutes, but his sophomore effort opens with two magnificent, wordless “movements”: first a car driving endlessly in weather conditions that all but erase the distinction between land and sky, then exterior shots of a ramshackle seaside house over the course of multiple seasons. Humans are barely glimpsed for a while, yet A White, White Day eventually becomes a forbidding character study, addressing stifled grief in… Some days are so white that it seems as if the sky meets the Earth. On those days the dead can talk to the living.      A White, White Day is a saturnine movie about grief and letting go. It is a plea for the sudden release of finally moving on. A cryptic, cathartic story about a man who we struggle to empathize with but always circle back to liking.     There were moments which felt unnecessary, and treaded softly over the line bordering artistic and tedious; like a ten minute scene composed of nothing but shots of a house at different times of the day, or the longest sequence of a rock falling from a boundless mountain. … Recent reviews 76/100 A. V. Club review, which I recommend you not read until after you've seen the film (and you should). Not that there are spoilers, exactly, but I start out discussing some elements that you're better off first experiencing onscreen rather than reading about. (I know, Waz, too late for you. ) Click on the link anyway, though, just to incentivize continuing coverage of micro-releases like this one. I'm grateful that I still get to write about them, and don't know how much longer that'll last. Bis im isländischen Film weißer weißer Tag die ersten Worte gesprochen werden, vergehen einige Minuten. Nur durch mit klassisch isländisch anmutenden Streicherklängen unterlegte Bilder wird die Ausgangslage des Films etabliert. Zuerst verfolgt die Kamera ein durch die neblige Einöde Islands fahrendes Auto, bis dieses plötzlich von der Straße abkommt. Darauf folgt eine Aneinanderreihung vieler Bilder desselben Ortes im Wandel der Tages- und Jahreszeiten, welche den Ausbau eines Stalls in ein Wohnhaus zeigen. Diese ersten wortlosen Minuten sind ein echtes visuelles Erlebnis und vermitteln ein gutes Bild von der urgewaltigen Landschaft, welche sich in den in ihr lebenden Personen widerspiegelt. Zugleich geben sie das gemächliche Tempo vor, das sich durch fast den ganzen Film zieht. Zu Beginn funktioniert die langsame Erzählweise… echt zo origineel en zo mooi!!! kan het niet echt ergens mee vergelijken maar wow echt emotioneel en mooi ((en die kleindochter was zo!!! goed!!!! )) Film Nr. 22 im Kinojahr 2020 Ein Drama auf dem hohen Norden, der wie erwartet kühl und schroff daherkommt und mit einer Hauptfigur aufwartet, welche wie ein in sich ruhender Vulkan seine Trauer und sein Leid in sich hineinfrisst und diese nicht nach außen hin zeigt. Ich glaube, die Idee hinter der Geschichte und der Figur zu verstehen, doch der Film hat es mir unheimlich schwierig gemacht, Zugang zu ihm zu finden. Ich habe lange gebraucht, um überhaupt Interesse am gesamten Geschehen zu finden. Zum Glück schafft er es hintenraus, seinen mühsamen Aufbau zufriedenstellend zu rechtfertigen und sorgte für mehrere unerwartet intensive Momente, welche ich nicht mehr erwartet hätte.  Aufgrund seine sehr behäbigen Erzähltempos, seiner teilweise fast schon provokant langen Einstellungen und… Pretty good. A very atmospheric movie with clever visual ideas and great performances, but it sometimes loses itself in small moments and drags them on for too long. The first half of this movie feels most people think arthouse is. Long artsy shots, seemingly meaningless. The second part of this movie - where everything falls into place - might be the most rewarding experience cinema has to offer so far. In total, this one totally worth to spend time on it. I loved the uncomfortable hints in the first two thirds of the movie that something will happen, like the thing with the fish (and the bloodstain), this weird ass TV-show (with a great cut to end it), the fact that you never see the face of his wife, the rock rolling down the cliff, the scary story he tells his granddaughter etc. While a lot of the cinema laughed, it was often a nervous laughter. Over all the movie was a bit too slow paced for my taste, but the good actors (especially the main role, his granddaughter and their chemistry) and the really, really great editing sold the movie for me. Komplette Kritik: "Nach dem Unfalltod seiner Frau fällt der Polizist Ingimundur in ein tiefes Loch - und als er beim Aufräumen in den Sachen seiner Frau Hinweise findet, dass die vielleicht eine Affäre gehabt haben könnte, steigert sich seine Einsamkeit in eine regelrechte Besessenheit, die keine Grenzen kennt. " (Joachim Kurz) Deze film is een Ijslands drama van de regisseur Hlynur Palmason. Het is zijn 2e speelfilm In de mistige openingsbeelden van de IJslandse film A White, White Day rijdt een auto over een besneeuwde weg. De camera volgt een tijdje totdat de auto een bocht mist, door de vangrail rijdt en naar beneden kiepert. Dan volgt een interessante montage waarin de kijker steeds hetzelfde huis ziet in wisselende seizoenen. Zo passeert de tijd en is te zien dat het huis verbouwd wordt. Pas daarna worden de eerste woorden gewisseld en wordt langzaam duidelijk wat er eerder gebeurd is, wie de hoofdpersonen zijn en hoe hun (familie)verhoudingen liggen. Bij het auto-ongeluk kwam de vrouw om van hoofdpersoon Ingimundur, mooi bars vertolkt… Popular Lists / Symmetry Vanishing points Horizon lines + 1 pt perspective.

Ok the original Addams family was sooooo good I hope this movie doesn't trun out bad. Besta lag i heimi. Listening in Australia. Thankyou. We are dealing with devastating bush fires. Hoping for more rain. Vel gert! Áfram Íslensk tónlist.

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